Dear Twitter I Love You

hahahaha Funny title huh?

Firstly allow me to sort of apologize for not blogging in such a long time lol. I’ve been sooo busy doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! well not entirely, I’ve been working Everyday, having a few performances here and there…. but yeah IM BACK!

SO back to TWITTER- this morning when I got up and looked at my Blackberry, there was a tweet from @Theballetbag with a link to an article that Gia Kourlas (NY Times) wrote, about Ballet dancers on twitter. This article highlighted NYCB dancer’s Ashley Bouder, Kathryn Morgan, Devin Alberda, and ABT’s Daniil Simkin

I follow all of those dancers! The thing that I find most fascinating about their tweets is that, they keep it professional and avoid “letting cats out the bag” or putting too much personal info out there. (Except Alberda sometimes) lol But anyway It made me think about the things I tweet from day-to-day, or even minute to minute. My tweets are all mixed up! there are tweets from a professional place where I talk about my career,  my Family, many tweets from a place of venting and a bunch of other stuff. IDK if this is bad or good. I sometimes regret posting somethings. But at the same time, I don’t because I need people to hear what I’ve got to say LOL. Now of course from here on out there will be a conscience thought process taking place before the “send tweet” button is clicked.

I’ve always had this sense of bluntness and brutal honesty, that sometimes gets me in trouble, but also sometimes attracts people to me.  I hate to appear loathsome but I FEEL that if someone is gonna take time out and “follow” someones tweets, they want to hear whats REALLY going on, and not pageant responses to everything. Please do not get me wrong! I respect the professionals who would rather not put themselves out there too much, But I just like to see that I can relate to someone. For Example: As a dancer if I am having a bad day, I want to see how other dancers would deal with it, and at least 7 times out of 10 I’m gonna care more for the dancer who’d tweet ‘ugh today sucked’ oppose to the pageant response ‘today was an off day, but it’s apart of the career’ …….  Sometimes I do prefer a pageant answer, that’ll help me stay positive and productive. Both have their place! but I just need to see people mix it up.

I love following people, and I love for people to follow me. The main reason I got into twitter was so that I could see whats happening with others in the dance world, and OMG it is awesome. It’s amazing to see that these divine dancers are normal humans who laugh, eat, talk, and screw up just like I do!

Ah I love Twitter! FOLLOW ME


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